1. Incredibly beautiful Star Trek poster by Tracie Ching

  2. Polaroids of Carrie Fisher’s hair from The Empire Strikes Back

  3. Lenny Kravitz’s new Hunger Games song “Are You Gonna Mock This Jay”. To the tune of his hit “Are You Gonna Go My Way”.

  4. I love this library card inspired iPhone case from Kate Spade!

  5. I couldn’t find a middle earth wallpaper for my iPhone so I decided to make one! Also, today is Hobbit Day, so it’s kind of perfect. The map I used is based on the maps by Daniel Reeve. You can download it here: katefarrar.com/wallpapers

  6. iOS 7 Quick Tips

    Turn off the parallax effect by enabling Reduce Motion

    • Settings > General > Accessibility
    • Turn On Reduce Motion

    This disables the parallax effect and I imagine it also saves some battery life. It also removes the animation from lock screen and properly centers your lock screen wallpaper.



    View message timestamp

    • Swipe from the far right to the left to view the timestamp for each specific message


    Hope these help some people out!

  7. Work is the best antidote to sorrow, my dear Watson.

    Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Empty House

  8. Vintage GE record player with original Elvis 45. (at Brilliant Creative HQ)

  9. There’s comfort in the clouds drifting by, in the golden rolling hills of California. (at Gilroy, CA)

  10. I was super excited to have lunch at Twitter today with the Shark. (at Twitter HQ)

  11. I am on my way, I am on my way. I am on my way back to where I started. (at I-10 W)

  12. Oh, how pretty is the middle of June. (at Echo Base)

  13. Arizona Wildflowers

  14. Some days they last longer than others. But this day by the lake went too fast.

  15. Home is whenever I’m with Goose. (at Echo Base)

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