1. iPhone Prototype Photos

    Prototype pictures of the iPhone 5 leaked yesterday. Besides a redesigned case, the biggest change seems to be the smaller dock connector. This might cause a stir, because a lot of people won’t be crazy about having to replace all their iPhone accessories. However, this happened a few years ago on a smaller scale, when Apple changed to MagSage chargers for their computers. I personally welcomed the change to the MagSafe chargers because they were a much needed update to the old ones. It will be interesting to see if Apple has simply made the dock connector smaller or if it has been redesigned altogether. My guess that it will be annoying to switch at first, but after a few months we’ll all be used to it and enjoying the new dock tech.

    TechCrunch has more on the dock connector saga: http://tcrn.ch/LJUZoL

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